Is the attack on Jeremy Clarkson by those on the left? #JeremyClarkson @JeremyClarkson #BBC #Labour

Jeremy Clarkson is someone I do not mind. I do not mind Top Gear show. Though it is so rehearsed that it makes the so called spontaneous jokes look silly. The show has become a bit too formulated and bland in recent years. Personally if I was producing the show I would have them in a different car each week (one presenter, not all three) and have them drive around a different country. I do enjoy it when they go around different countries, though they let themselves down over India. The celeb in a car is now dull (I use it as a time to get a cup of tea) and the ‘stig’ thing is pointless.

Thats just my take on the show. But Jeremy Clarkson I like as he is not politically correct, which is often amusing. Much of the BBC shows are so politically correct I can not watch them. A few years ago I tried to watch the new Dr Who (I am a huge fan of the old Dr Who shows). How dull the new ones are. In one episode they had a heart to heart with a Dalek.

But being not political correct clearly gets up the nose of those on the left who love to censor those who do not say the correct things. For instance Ed Miliband has had a go at Jeremy Clarkson [LINK].

There seems to be an attack now on Jeremy Clarkson over everything, such as even the name of his dog ‘Didier Dogba’. He has been accused of being a racist as Didier Dogba is apparently a black footballer [LINK]. I suspect that if he was racist he would have named his dog after a white player. However we live in a free country and its none of anyones business what he names his dog or for that matter his children or indeed anything. You see he nor indeed you need to justify this. In fact if I wanted to name my dog or even children Rose, Tulip, Ed, Jeremy or even Adolf Hitler, that is up to me. This would not be any of anyone elses business. You do not have the right to accuse someone of being a racist for simply naming a pet. You cannot read Jeremy Clarkson’s mind. Nor do you have the right to question him on his motives. Its simply none of your business.

Labour MP Jim Sheridan said he would be writing to BBC director general Tony Hall demanding that Clarkson is sacked [LINK]. He goes on to say “He has had a pop at the Scots. He has had a pop at the disabled with Gordon Brown and his one eye”. Well I think you will find Labour MP Jim Sheridan that its called humor. It may not to be to your taste, but unless I am wrong, Jeremy Clarkson does not need to have your approval before he makes his jokes. I think (I may be wrong) but the majority of people in the UK understand that he is telling jokes, rather than being serious.

The danger is not from Jeremy Clarkson, because if you do not like him, you can simply not watch him. But the danger is from Labour MP’s who clearly want to censor people and ban everything they can. This seems to be the way of the left for many years.

By the way before you accuse me being on the right or whatever. I have posted my belief before. Its simple. I believe that you should have the right to do what you want unless it harms other people or/and animals. I certainly do not believe in censoring people. Nor do I believe that the BBC should be 100% politically correct. Just because you do not agree with someone does not mean they should be censored or banned.

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